Traveling is up to the elderly

Many people leave their trips until they are older. They want to be more secure, financially safer and more mature before traveling. Unfortunately, travel is difficult for the elderly. Weak knees, bladder control problems, low vision and hearing can make things harder and less enjoyable. Here are some tips for facilitating travel for the elderly:

1. Get the right luggage.

The huge difference between elderly people is the free wheelchair baggage rooms, which in turn make your way. If you have anything you need to wear, you may experience pain, where you will develop cartilaginous joints. Good luggage, suitable for the top layer, is easy to navigate and easy to identify, can make your trip easier.

2. Plan ahead of your trip.

Go to the doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to travel. Talk to your doctor about any potential problems.

Fill in all recipes. You do not want to be out of town and go away from the life-saving medicines you need.

Make sure your legal documents are in order. This is a precautionary measure, but it can bring peace of mind.

Type a list of contacts, medications you are with, etc. Make a copy of it just like all your travel documents and keep them at your place all the time.

Check that airplanes, hotels, car services, etc. have all the necessary tools, such as wheelchairs, lifts, security features, specialty foods, etc.

3. Bring forth important things.

What you bring is really important for your trip's success or failure. For example, if you have an incontinence, you change clothes and some absorbent products and hygiene products that can help you out through long flights, stops for a limited bathroom, and not sanitary conditions (whichever you travel) may change the world's difference. Pack your toiletries, some set of drugs, and all that is absolutely essential. So, if your baggage is lost, you can enjoy your trip while waiting for your travel bags.

4. Get a plan while traveling.

Know where the bathroom is. This reduces accidents and helps you feel confident.

Know what kind of shoes you should wear. Regular shoes will help you through the rocky terrain and ensure comfort at a long walk.

Plan your medication properly. This is especially important when driving out of the country, as getting a recipe can be difficult if you are not close to your doctors.

Think about bus tours, if you have problems with mobility

The list could continue, the fact is that if you want your trip to go well, plan for unforeseen events. You know what your age-related issues are, so you're planning it properly.

5. Get Travel Insurance.

If I get travel insurance, you have more peace of mind. If you should slip and fall and break your hip, or be life-threatening, you will not lose your life savings and land in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship. If your baggage is lost, you will receive new clothing and hygiene products to get your trip. It eliminates worries and is usually very affordable.

Choose the right pet transportation service when traveling internationally

Whether you are planning to move abroad or go for a long vacation to one or more foreign countries, you know that packing is appropriate and you can get rid of your homes before you leave. Your passport is secure, mail is forwarded or put on hold, and your childcare training is interrupted by everyone. However, if you are a pet owner, you have two options: you can reach the local kennel or, if it's necessary for your son or cat to go, organize a special pet transportation.

Although it is allowed to pound pet animals through domestic air carriers, it does not apply to transatlantic, transpacific or hawaiian flights. A pet service is required to ensure that your dog or cat can safely reach your destination. If you explore potential carriers on your journey with your favorite family friend, you will undoubtedly have questions about maintenance and procedures. To help you make the most sense of the money you spend, they offer some suggestive questions about how the services can help.

1) Do they arrange for transportation at the airport of departure and arrival from the airport to the final destination? Find out if you are responsible for leaving your pet.

2) Do they interfere with pets for transport? If you are concerned about allergic reactions or other dangers, make sure you know beforehand.

3) Are the heating boilers delivered or need to be delivered to your own?

4) Will the company's board get pets when they arrive at the destination in the malt if you are late? If so, does it pay extra?

5) Is the insurance company insured? Is there a pet specialist in pet in the event of an emergency?

6) How are the pets going? What is the condition of the cargo area?

7) Is the length and weight of these pets limited? If not, does the price increase according to pet height and weight?

8) Do they provide food for travel or do you need to do it?

If you have your own answers, consider your choices and quotes that will give you the ships for your animals. A long vacation or relocation is exciting for the whole family, and it's important that your four-legged friends share the experience of hands-on hands on the pet's transportation service.

I can

I can. These two words are more important in our world than most people want to admit! Think about it; "I Can Attend" is what separates the winners from the losers. If you are going through life thinking "I can not"; you will win before you start any task or try to do something.

So; how can you develop an attitude of "can or can i do"?

An easy way is to eliminate your vocabulary "can not and impossible". I know; this is not possible, but you can approach everyone you are doing with a positive attitude.

When a child changes his footprint from the index, there is no conscious negative sense of failure. Certainly everyone received demonstrations and shocks, and there were quite a lot of tears that were shed, but we actually got coordination and made the transition by crawling on foot.

Did you know that the bumblebee should not fly? Aerodynamic; her body is not meant for the flight. His body is too thick and the wings are too short. Obviously, he is too ignorant to understand the facts, so he just pulls out and does what the bears do!

We are all grateful that he is doing! Things are; bees just do it!

If you encounter a difficult task, it must be divided into components. Do not let yourself paralyze your analysis; just break the task into small pieces and then work each item individually. I know it's very simplified, but try it.

More times than not; you will find the ultimate solution to every task very simple. Sometimes our life tends to aggravate the problem of thinking.

We have all heard that Edison tried to develop several thousand different experiences when asked about all his failures, but he had eliminated several thousand ideas that did not work. He was confident and knew that he would find a winning combination for developing a working light bulb. Time proved that he was right!

Have you seen television on a new gadget advertisement and thought: "I had this idea for a long time?" This guy who had the same idea and acted on it was a little lucky if your delay did not give you anything!

Eliminates self-determination and delay; Believe yourself and take action if you have a good idea. Develop an attitude of "I Can" and "I Can Do"; It makes your life happy and successful!

Flying With Respironics EverGo Oxygen Concentrator

Respironics Every Drive EverGo Oxygen Concentrator is in trouble if you follow some important steps before your flight.

Contact the airline you are using to make sure that they will allow the airline to fly to Respironics EverGo. Most major airlines allow oxygen concentrators on flights. The airline will require you to submit a written precept. Please notify the airline a month in advance and inform them that you are using Respironics during an EverGo flight.

Be prepared to adjust your travel timetable and have a well-planned route, so you do not have to make the last minute changes. Most airlines require up to 48 hours advance notice for the transfer of flights by travelers using oxygen. Try to plan a direct flight without window boxes to chat with the battery.
Check out the latest airport security screening policies and plan to have extra time to check your EverGo.

EverGo passengers must not sit at the exit points, or EverGo can not block other traveler access to seats or airplanes. You have to be able to see your EverGo, once it's down. Ideally, I would like to keep your EverGo seat in front of you.

Passengers are not allowed to connect EverGo during battery charging during the flight. You need to plan enough batteries for your entire flight, including checking the time, hours of safety, landing, and landing. In order to ensure safety, it is strongly recommended that patients using portable oxygen concentrators with airline tickets wear sufficient ammunition to last twice during the flight in order to avoid the battery being drained during flight.

EverGo and EverGo batteries are considered as medical devices; they must be reviewed by the TSA staff, but they will not be counted against your luggage transfer support.

Drink while drinking but avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks; they make you feel proud.

If you follow these steps, you should be safe and lightweight flight.

21st Century Budget Travel Method

Traveling and exploring the new worlds has become a necessity for many people, especially as an opportunity to cope with stressful environments and make a break from work. But nobody can deny that most travel packages are expensive and need people to save money and careful planning so that we can hit our dreams with our partners.

On most websites, promoting online shopping and getting the most important method in things that want to buy things online is the parts of the package that people can buy. But that does not mean that these travel packages are cheap.

Fortunately, some years ago, online offerings were offered. Users will be able to bid on any product on the Internet, and if the last bidder reaches the auction price and the end of the auction, the last bidder wins this item. Travel packages are no exception.

21. Century travelers have kept this technique secret to buying travel packages at very cheap prices. Imagine being able to purchase a four-day package for your chosen hotel at as low as $ 20. This is still a new concept and not very popular among users. But this technique expands and saves thousands of dollars to people who want to explore their world for some time.

The Internet offer is becoming a trend because people are offering web-based online offers. While some users are still afraid that they think they may not achieve a certain goal, most network users will risk and bid and take a certain auction.

Cheap trips have never been dreams. This was not as common in the early years of the online offer, but people are beginning to realize that a large number of online shoppers need to take advantage of it. Online users should not be deceived as scams, as most websites acquire global accreditation that certifies the integrity of web site auctions websites.

Always do your research and do not offer offers to websites that do not use secure connections and have little feedback. If you can auction and can not, you can always complain about the correct rights. Very cheap travel is real!

Why not travel to China

Why not go to China when it's considered home to one of the world's great wonders, called the Great Wall of China? This Asian nation is recognized as the most populous and broad-based culture and way of life? China has made so much a contribution to the plant-based approach to high-tech human communication tools, cars and equipment, medical technology and medicines. Chinese-owned enterprises have died almost all over the world.

The Chinese are in field-specific publications, porcelain and paper industry, spinning gear, silk industry, umbrella manufacturing, gun distribution, immunological services and mathematical knowledge. Even before the West colonized some of the world's business potential, Chinese companies first started trading with Asian, American and European countries. Why not travel to China, cause curiosity for passengers and business investors.

It's interesting that China carries 20% of the world's population. By 2050, the number of people is projected to increase from 1.2 billion to 1.6 billion. In spite of the total population turnover, the population of the business world has maintained 15% of its 15-year economic growth in the transition to the 21st century. The truth is that China seems to be challenging the overall performance of the United States. But several business investors and western tourists fly to the proud host of the Kung Fu Rich Countries and the 2008 Olympic Games. Will Americans keep up the challenge of the competitiveness of Chinese companies, the quality of life and the boom of a strong economy? Why not go to China to discover Great Wall and buildings.

Before you say why not travel to China, you may have to prepare the documents and luggage for your trip. It is important that you have to take large vaccinations and immunizations to ensure healthy health. From where you travel, you need a visa through the Chinese embassies or consulates. You can dedicate time to process it before you can finally make an online reservation for your flights and accommodation.

Travel agency services may be of assistance to your trip, especially when it is your first visit or when traveling with a group. Special incentives are offered to those visiting 5 years of age and older. A privilege for the acquisition of group privileges is also granted. It's not surprising that Chinese tourist groups are attacking China every seasons. Why not travel to China? You can search on the Internet for some attractive and competitive travel packages.

Although the communist people, in China there is a certain aura of hospitality and charm that holds the tourists always and now. Why not go to China if this year is the world's largest sporting event for the Olympics. This puts China at the heart of popularity again.

Really go away all: the most distant hotels in the world

Sometimes we have to discard everything; sometimes farther, the better. If your normal vacation area is not enough (without boredom or if you need to put as much distance as you and your everyday life as possible), a world-class hotel that meets your needs. Some of them offer extraordinary luxury in the exotic surroundings, others offer completely new experiences in places you would never have dreamed of visiting. Read the five most affordable hotels in the world and start the next vacation planning.

Bloomfield Lodge, Cairns, Australia

Bloomfield Lodge is located on the northwest of Queensland and is not only on one of the two world heritage sites, Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest. The Lodge is recognized as one of the most exclusive luxury holiday in Australia. Only 34 guests are always allowed, so you can be sure that your every need is immediately completed.

According to Forbes's list of hotels in order to arrive, the airplane must first be trained, it takes a few hours to go through Outback and, in a few minutes, go down the river Bloomfield. If you ever reach, you will find that all your troubles were worth it.

For beginners, the canyon is located near the Daintree Rainforest, and the Great Barrier Reef is located right by the Bay. Forest guided tours or, if you prefer, follow a self-guided path. You can also go for guided tours, enjoy some relaxing fishing or more tropical angler entrances along the seaside and take a trip to Kangai Beach. The main activities of the catering are outdoor swimming pool, freshwater pool, spa and a good library of books, and books and magazines dedicated to the rainforest and history of the region. There is also a two hour ride-jogging drive that takes you to Wujal's Wujali local Aboriginal community, while offering the opportunity to take care of birds and crocodiles.

Kokopell Cave, Farmington, New Mexico

A Kokopell Cavern may be suitable for you if you want a distant but not descending ground. The cave, which is not a natural way and privately owned, is quite difficult to achieve; even the owners suggest that you try it only if your¡¯s physically fit. But if the isolation behind the house falls to 70 feet, it is ideal.

The cave is located near Mesa Verde National Monument in New Mexico, and as you climb to the top of the cliff, you can see all four corners of the four countries. It is only available on dirt roads and they are tough. They can be ridden with conventional cars (up to a point), but recommended in 4×4. If you are in a conventional car, you must park it at the upper car park and pass the rest of the road, then 4×4 will get you a bit further. When you begin, you must follow a marked path that leads continuously down. The way out is even more complicated because it's all uphill.

You are advised to note that the cave does not provide a meal, although you can arrange for special occasions. There is a fridge and some cabinets, which provide breakfast and fruit, but you need to bring everything else. There are all the amenities in the nature that you might want, including a jacuzzi and waterfall, but there are only two local TV channels so you can have fun with yourself.

The Andean Cottage, Peru

The general side of the Andes is similar to the spiritual experience. In addition to the 24-hour guest apartment, which at night seems to illuminate two wood-burning chimneys, guests are truly alone. The Andean Holiday House is the only one in the area and guests are a beachfront beach for everyone. It's better to live on a plot because there is no electricity in the car (that is, there is no TV).

This is a spacious, two-bedroom kitchen with a lake for everyone. The bedroom features a large king-size bed and a large bathtub overlooking the lake.

Then you will be flown through; The trip lasts 4.5 hours and the boat leaves Casa Andina every day from Puno's private yacht harbor. When staying at the Urosi buoyed islands and the traditional Alsuno bag on Taquile Island, before Suasi arrives. Alternatively, guests who have their own vehicles (strongly recommend 4×4) can drive to the Cambria Dock and go on to the rest of the journey located at Zodiac dinghy.

There you can see and do on several nature trips, canoeing on Lake Titicaca, visit the museum and the cultural heritage of the book, to Itapillu in the glade to admire the sunset and enjoy the constellation like you can never experience the city.

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

In order to get the honest Mongolian experience, you can not make better than three Camel Lodge, which offers a taste for a harsh nomadic way of life, but also luxurious Gers (traditional portable tents) and five star-dining room. Deluxe Gers has a private bathroom, extra bedding, toilet slippers and Mongolian bathrobes, as well as local chairs. Traditional Gers are equipped with wood-fired ovens, carpets, hand-painted wooden beds and ceilings, which ensure the limitations of the stars.

Food is located in the heart of the Gobi Desert and is built according to environmentally friendly and culturally sustainable methods; electricity is supplied by solar and wind power. The guest house offers visitors various opportunities for discovering the Gobi Desert, including Bactrian Camel's, four-wheel drive tours, hiking trips (which give an intimate glimpse into the region's life, including the life of plants, animals and birds) and field trips overnight. It is also possible to memorize the fossils in the dinosaur, as the paleontologist of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences has visited existing places and is monitoring the expedition.

Such experience exists in itself. First of all, you must fly from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar (alternatively, Seoul has three hours flight) in two hours, then you will have to fly to Dalanzadgad for one hour on the parking lot, followed by rushing dirt on the road for one hour and a half. An opportunity to meet local indigenous tribes, dine in the restaurant of Bulagtai with local food and enjoy the stars more than inconvenience.

Arctic Hotel, Greenland

Perhaps the most extreme experience of your life is, you can win the Arctic Hotel, the 4th-star hotel in the northernmost part of the world. The hotel is located on the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, which is on the World Heritage list. It is not that hard, which is difficult to achieve; In almost all major European cities, flights to Kangerlussuaq Airport, which in turn is a short 45-minute hop Ilulissat, is in fact the end of the world.

Ice Fjord is the primary attraction of the region. It covers 3000 square kilometers and is one of the world's largest and most active glaciers. The glacier moves about 20 m per day and is described as a park with ever-changing sculptures.

There is also the chance to stay on the edge of the fjord for the game console. Igloos is not made of ice, it is a pity, but it means that you are sure of all the modern conveniences.

Military remotely operated helicopters

Emergency resolution is becoming more and more complex. Emergency units become more difficult and riskier operations day after day. Some operations require remote control before the person sends to the ground, and this is where the unmanned vehicles are coming.

Helicopters with remote control are now popular with emergency corps and the military to get a place to be monitored before they actually arrive and save a lot of life. In cases where it is suspected that explosive material is suspected, the military will send a first-ever unmanned RC toy such as these small helicopters to the site to collect critical information to destroy the device.

Remotely operated helicopters have the advantage of this kind of work, because they can ignore the trace without comparing it with a real helicopter or a man. However, their small size and improved aerodynamics are nonetheless a credit. They can fly really low, with minimal noise or no noise, and the fact that they do not have microwave disturbances is of interest to you, because the radar can never get them and they become an enemy of surprise or the enemy does not know everything.

Due to the increased interest of machines, much research is being done to improve their effectiveness and accountability at the military level. Research is being conducted by China and the United States, and you will never be able to blame them if they try to make their fortunes the strongest in the world. The study mainly focuses on increasing flight time and capacity. The range that it can go is no longer a satellite communications issue. The purpose of the study is to become the most efficient source of fuel.

The power supply should be lightweight and should work for a long time without charging and filling. This has led to the development of many different engines. Modern helicopters work with nitrogen power and large batteries. Some have a photoconductor body frame that allows them to use solar energy. They contain advanced batteries, such as lithium polymer, which can provide higher voltages. Batteries are supplemented by solar energy. So they can go for a long time without a substitute.

Military remotely controlled helicopters have more acrobatics and soar. Their aerodynamics are excellent, allowing them to easily access even at all locations. They can take sudden sudden turns with strange heights and can land almost everywhere. They can complete all the steps that the actual layout can do, and may even be better. Emergency situations are minimal so that the pilot can be more courageous. But their speed is a problem due to their size and power supply.

When equipped with camera capabilities, they become the most powerful spy tools. Better technology in the lens industry has seen the production of stronger and more powerful cameras. IP cameras can be used to send real-time shots from remote control helicopters to miles away from base stations.

Tenerife Cheap Car Rental – Are You A Good Deal?

Short topic:

If you travel to Tenerife for the first time, here are some basic facts that may be useful.

Tenerife is the biggest and rumor of the Canary Islands, it is the most popular holidaymakers throughout Europe in the annual influx

Tenerife enjoys year-round weather conditions with a relatively small difference between the summer and winter temperatures

The landscape is stunning and merging with Santa Cruz and In Los Cristianos, the main resort towns have a low cost of living and a charming nightlife, it's no wonder that it has become a favorite for many.


Tenerife Roads and Roads are the best way to get to know the island and discover dramatic landscapes and scenic villages.

Tenerfen's as locals are known to be quite sociable and tend to ride sometimes to catch. There are local rumors that often stop at the middle of the journey to participate in a conversation with family and friends.

On arrival, you have basically two options for picking and dropping places:

1. Tenerife Norte – Los Rodeos Apt

2. Southern Tenerife – Reina Sofia Airport

For all of the abovementioned drop-down / pick up locations, the cost of renting a car is approximately the same.

But make sure you mark your booking in the correct airport to avoid unnecessary time lag and confusion upon arrival.

Typical car rental prices:

Rental prices tend to vary greatly depending on size, make and model. But in principle, most automotive companies cite the Volkswagen Fox 2 dr for around £ 135. AC manual for 7 days. For those who, after doing more sport, Volkswagen Eos Cabrio can easily pay for the "soft top" with the handbook. This type of car, with high specificity and brilliant exterior, does not reach a weekly wage rate of around 440 balls. 2-Dr and 4-Dr versions are both available with a 4-day version. The version is about $ 20 less expensive to hire a week.

Have you made a good deal then?

When renting a car in Tenerife, it will cost you precisely to check what is and what do you think is not the salary rates because it differs between the company and the company.

For example, your rental company should add these to the standards:

1. Unlimited mileage

2. Local taxes

3. Airport hire

4. Apartment / accommodation delivery service

5. Driver's insurance

6. Auto theft insurance

7. Civil liability

8. 24 hours emergency phone service

9. Low overcharge

If not, turn it around the web, where you can easily compare different supplier prices and offers.

Other options that you can search include:

  • Child restraint – what is a rental article for the day?
  • Does the company offer – Longer Long / Longer?
  • Managers when they are paid to drivers aged 25 or over, or 70 years of age or older?

TIP: On vacation days at airports, make sure your booking form has accurate flight information. This is necessary to ensure timely service if your flight is delayed.


If you want to change your time and effort, click on the Tenerife Signature below to get instant access to reviewing your major supplier offers.

Top 10 Soccer Teams in London

There is a lot to see in London football's interests. Just to explain this article to all readers outside the UK, football is a "beautiful game", commonly called soccer globally.

London has a proud tradition among famous football teams who have the best clubs to compete with each other. Premier League is generally four or five teams in London, and there are many comments that believe that this is one of the biggest obstacles that one of them won too. A local triumph between London Soccer teams can create an electric atmosphere and change the current form that they have challenged so well.

Premier League tickets are sometimes hard to get, but a little bit of persistence can often result. There are several ticketing companies that receive them for a price.

Over the past ten years, both Arsenal and Chelsea have won the tough Premier League title twice and reached the European Cup final.

Here are some details of the top 10 football clubs in London and to avoid accusations of partisan, they are listed in alphabetical order: –


In the better division, the Arunals play the English football for successive seasons from 1919-20. year of the season. They have been championships 13 times and have achieved a unique record for the current season of 2003-04, when they went throughout the season without winning.

Arsenal has triumphed in both desirable "double" (winner of the league and Cup) season, 1971, 1998 and 2002

. In recent years, they have moved to a new meeting at the The Emirates Stadium, with a capacity of 60,000. The Arsenal Museum is worth a visit and is open every day.


Whips, the Brentford Football Club currently playing in the Football League I. They were founded in 1889 and play their home games at Griffin Park in their home port since 1904. Brentford's most successful racing signal came in the 1930s, when they reached the consecutive six final finishes in the first division.

After the war they have spent most of their time in the third and fourth English football levels. Brentford has been the FA Cup for the fourth time four times and twice played football federation trophy players.

Charlton Athletic

Addicks, Charlton Athletic have seen better days. There were merry days in the 1930s and 40s. In recent years, they have fought after they left in 2005 and thereafter in the 2008 Championship.

They play at Edel, in Greenwich in the south of Thames. The club was founded in 1905.

Historically, Charlton's most successful period was in the 1930s, when the club's highest races were recorded, including the 1937 races, and after World War II when the club won the FA Cup twice, winning in 1947.


The retired or blues of the Chelsea Football Club were founded in 1905 and play in the Premier League. Chelsea has won three times (1955, 2005, 2006) and won the FA Cup five times, four times the UEFA Cup and twice in the UEFA Cup winners' Cup. They reached the UEFA Championship Finals in 2008.

Chelsea plays on the Stamford Bridge on London Airport with a ground capability of 42,000. The Chelsea Museum is open for most of the day and is worth visiting for the sake of museums and football history. 19659002] Crystal Palace

Eagles, Crystal Palace football club was formed in 1905. The team plays its home competitions in the Selhurst Park, where it is based since 1924. The club is currently competing for the second stage, the championship.

The last successful period of Crystal Palace began in 1988-89 when the club finished the third division and was promoted to the first division. At the end of the FA Cup of 1990, only the elimination of winning Manchester United and the closure of the first division at the 3rd-5th was achieved. Between 1990-1991.

Since then, the palace has been started and promoted to the FA Premier League for several occasions, the last downgrade from the top company was 2004-2005. season of the year. All this despite the fact that the club was almost bankrupt in July 2000.


Cottagers, a Fulham football club founded in 1879, celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2004 and is at the top of the England football league, the Premier League. Fulham is the oldest professional football team in London.

2009 In 2007, Fulham ended its highest level in the Premier League, reaching the 7th place to become Europe.

The club has brought many British soccer players, including Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, Bobby Robson, Rodney Marsh and Alan Mullery and Jim Langley. They play in the historic Craven home that has been home since 1896, along the banks of the River Thames along the Fulham River.

Queens Park Rangers

The Hoops or just QPR, Queens Park Rangers in the West Anglian Shepherd's Bush Football Club. Currently, they play in the Football Association Championship, and their prizes include the 1967 League Cup winners and the former First Division Competitors in 1975-76 and the FA Cup in 1982.

Queens Park Rangers' Football Club was created in 1882 and its traditional colors are blue and white. In close proximity to other West London clubs, QPR holds long-term competitions with a number of other clubs in the region, of which Chelsea, Brentford and Fulham, with which they compete, are most likely to be called, called the West London Race.

2007. In QPR, the flamboyant flamboyant Flavio Briatore and famed ten of the richest sports clubs in the world took over QPR. Other major shareholders are Lakshmi Mittal & F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. So see this room!

Tottenham Hotspurs

Many football enthusiasts think that the famous "Spurs" party in 1961 is one of the best football teams in English football history. They reached "double", which was not achieved at that time, because Aston Villa won it in 1897.

This gave the recent Spurs teams a lot of results. But Spurs has a long tradition of playing good football, so White Hart Lane has many exciting competitions, especially with their Nordic London rivals, Arsenal.

1963. In 2002 Spurs became the first British club to win the Cup of Winners of the European Cup of Great Cups. In the 1970s, they won the Cup twice and became the winners of the UEFA Cup in 1972. In the 1980s, Spurs won several trophies: FA Cup twice, FA Community Shield and UEFA Cup 1983-84. In the 1990s, they won the FA Cup and the Football League Cup, and in 2008 they fought in the Chelsea Football Association Cup Championship Final. This win means the Tottenham team won over the last six decades – only at Manchester United.

Spurs has designed a new stadium to be completed by 2012, and is expected to be one of the best stadiums in the UK.


Hornets, Watford Football Club, Watford, Hertfordshire. They play in the championship. The club was founded in 1881 and played for several reasons before moving to Vicarage Road in 1922, where they remain so far. Since 1997, they have been sharing the stadium with the Saracens Rugby Club. Watford has a long standing competition with Luton City.

The club is known by the leadership of two former England leaders, Graham Taylor. The first lasted from 1977 to 1987, when the club rose to the first division of the fourth division. Watford reached each other in 1983, after reaching the 1984 FA Cup finals and winning the UEFA Cup in the 1984-85 season, after the greatest division of English football.

The second period involved 1997-2001, when Taylor won the second division of the club from the Premier League over the course of successive years. Taylor is currently the club's executive director and honor kings with Sir Elton Johann, who has been a member of the club for both time and has continued with the club for a long time.

West Ham United

Hammers The West Ham United football club plays in the Upton Park, Boleyn County, eastern London in 1895.

They appeared at the first FA Cup Final held at Wembley in 1923 against Bolton Wanderers. The FA Cup won three times in the final: 1964, 1975, and 1980. They have also won twice, in 1923 and 2006.

1965. They won the European Cup winners' Cup and 1999 won the InterToto Cup.

Their player is considered an important factor for England's victory for the 1966 World Cup, as the England captain at that time was West Ham Bobby Moore, and both were Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, who were West Ham players. [19659002] West Ham now compete in the Premier League, their highest finish in the Premier League was 5 in 1998-99.