What to do if your name is mistaken for your Schengen visa?

After completing the Schengen visa application procedure and finally getting the visa, the last thing you want to see is a spelling or other mistake. But these things happen, so please make sure your visa information is correct.

We recently discussed the situation when the Schengen embassy made a mistake on the client's visa sticker. Both the visa applicant and the Schengen Consulate are required to verify that all data issued in the Visa Method correspond to passport-type data contained in the bio page.

We recommend that you carefully check your entire Schengen visa when you return your passport. Do it there and then before leaving the visa center where the visa application was processed. If you order a special order, you must make sure that the information entered in the entire visa is correct. What do you really need to check? Your passport number, your first / first name and last name. Check also the dates for issuing the visa. If this is a one-way visa, make sure it's valid on the date your holiday begins. The second thing to be checked is how many days you are allowed to stay in the Schengen area – this must include the number of days you reserve your vacation

One-day Schengen visa is usually issued for 30 days. This allows one entry to the owner and covers you for only one trip.

If you find a mistake in one of these entries, you must contact the Visa Center immediately by e-mail or telephone. The best way is to have them directly with your passport. Ask them to solve the problem as soon as possible.

If this problem was found to another client, the consulate did not have time to correct the mistake in the surname, as their holiday should begin three days after the visa was issued. Improving your mistake will take at least five days if you do this through a visa center, as they usually take the passport to the consulate the next day, the second day they issue a new visa, and on the third day it will be returned to the visa center.

What you can do even if you have time, you can go straight to the consulate. They can issue a new visa for you and then on the same day.

So what happens if you do not make mistakes in correcting your visa? Well, it depends on a few things. For example, if the consulate says your name or surname is misspelled – one or two false stars, this may not be a big deal, and it's likely to be normal (if you have time, contact the consulate and get the visa changed!) But if you see that the visa is showing a completely different name or passport number, you will certainly not be able to travel such a visa. The same applies to false dates: the customs officer of a Schengen State does not want to hear his explanations as to why the dates printed do not match the actual dates.

Also keep in mind that spelling cards will definitely make a customs officer questioning you as an error, usually showing false documents.

Why a hot balloon travels and travels well together

Thousands of people around the world are popular with hot air balloons. Whether traveling on a balloon over a stunning landscape in the Chilli Morning or looking at the sunset over heated hot deserts, there is a balloon track for everyone and every time.

For those who feel like traveling, they want to spend their time making balloon trips in a country they have never visited before, or if all the sites are seen before seeing the recipes. Or maybe they just want to try something new, which is why many travelers are visiting a hot air balloon!

Every other census

Traveling may be difficult to plan too far, because you can not always be sure what you are doing or where you will be on the next day. So, it's always a good idea to explore local hotspots and points of interest before arriving. But no matter how hard you try, there are always places that you will not see after a while. One great alternative to having a hot air balloon trip! Depending on what you want to see, whether the city or the countryside, rising in the air, gives you a bird's eye view that extends as far as the eye looks.

Go and dig some ancient history

International trips tend to involve the learning of the history of the country and how its past has affected its future. Most of the places are local museums so you can find out everything you want to know about your past, but it's nice to see the historical parts of the local area. Therefore, performing hot air balloon flights is an excellent opportunity to sue the history of the region. From Heaven, you can see the structure of old buildings, old buildings and large manors built over centuries years ago.

Adventure Balloon Rides for Travelers

When traveling, people tend to experience new things that they would not always have time to try or try to. Hot balloon riders are one of the worries that many people want to try while traveling. In many places, balloons are offered at animal safari parks or wildlife reserves, which allow people to travel close to a local wildlife and rise personally. Others can take them on fast-flowing rivers or rainforest dome-shapes – so great ways to find your own excitement to improve it!

Traveling always has a lot of experience to try. Driving with hot air balloons is just one way many travelers get the most out of the trip and learn a bit more about local history than in high heavens. Balloon riders are also a great way to get adrenaline upgrades, especially when traveling on an adventurous balloon in the wild over exotic animals.

Simple Origami – 8 Fun Facts About Paper Folding

Simple origami is ideal for all ages. Although many people think it's just for children, that's not the case! There are eight fun facts on the folding of paper that you may not know … more!

  1. The Guinness Book of Records contains dozens of origami scans, including most leaflets, the smallest, largest and fastest time to put together 100 cranes, and more.
  2. If you think that the origami was only for children, think again. In Japan, every two years, the origami airplane championships take place. According to an article by Bangkok Post, the record for indoor airplanes with the longest aircraft of the origami is 22.48 seconds – kept by Takuo Toda, who has a booklet for inventing airplanes.
  3. The world's smallest origami crane is made of Naito Akira folding plastic foil with dimensions of 0.1 mm to 0.1 mm. The 82-year-old uses special tools and microscopes.
  4. The three largest origami cranes are recorded with one having a latitude of 206.7 feet and made by Akita Japanese residents in August 1998. For locking the circuit, about 200 people spent 7.5 hours paper, measuring 212 feet per side. The Wings for Peace voltis Origami Crane in Seattle in November 1999, resulting in a wingspan of 215 ft. The latter was supposed to weigh 1750 pounds. In Japan Odate is a folded origami crane with a wingspan of 256 ft 6.
  5. Mexican charity (Grupedsac) supports small creators and natives in their shoulder bags, handbags, coin purses and folded candy boxes and other bins for the manufacture and sale of straps.
  6. Origami is a theme in New York's "Outlying Animals" theme, in which all three of the main characters are concerned with paper-based art.
  7. There are at least one hundred different original societies across the world: the USA, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Australia, Italy, Poland, Russia and China. The British Origami Society was the first association founded in 1967 in London.
  8. The Origami United States is sponsoring an annual convention in New York that has been considered the world's largest.

It's easy and affordable to start a simple origami. You just need paper and folding directions.

Essential tips on how to prepare for Mumbai for a trip

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is considered to represent finance, entertainment and fashion. This is India's financial capital. The home of the Hindu film industry and therefore the nickname "Bollywood", Mumbai is also Indian entertainment. Mumbai is just a great city in India, which should be explored. Guests from all over the world find the city pretty dazzling, fun and pulsating. If you enjoy visiting India, you will not be able to easily afford Mumbai's lack of vacations. If you do, your holiday would be incomplete.

Mumbai is full of famous worship opportunities, parks and scenic spots, walkways, restaurants, pubs, bars and halls. Take flights to Mumbai for your holidays and you will find your hands full. When planning a trip to the city, you must draw up your route accordingly. Getting to know the city or doing research and getting valuable information is sure to be a great help in preparing your trip. Mumbai is expensive, but the city is ready to welcome those who travel with the budget. When you visit the city for the first time, it is important that you take it with care and caution. Talking with local people and finding out where and where to eat, where to stay and how to use local transport would help you spend a lot and help you stay on top of your budget. Your valuable tips and information would help you to visit the city in a pleasant and memorable way.

Here are some important tips that deserve your attention. Now that you have already planned to spend your vacation in Mumbai, you must first make a date and a stay here. This is especially important when you travel to the budget. The benefit is that you can book your flights to Mumbai in advance and enjoy cheap airfare rates with early booking.

Mumbai has a lot of high quality and budget hotels. It would be just great if you were to explore the best hotels and accommodation in Mumbai on the Internet. This is important because you can book your own hotel for your own sake and avoid falling into the trap of agents who are ready to add to your last-minute holiday arrangements. It would also make sense to read hotel reviews online. This would help you make the best decision and make your accommodation really affordable. In addition to the Internet, you must also look for the advice of your friends and colleagues who have already come to the city. These would be best to give you first information and manage you efficiently.

In light of these few tips, it would surely be of great help and making your trip to Mumbai affordable and exciting.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation Services and Vehicle Services

Hong Kong is constantly living a lot of life and it is one of the leading tourist destinations throughout the year. The city's magnificent cultures and traditions, along with festivals and events, attract tourists from all over the world. Therefore, in order to support this successful and ever-growing tourism industry, transport services are one of the most important aspects to be addressed. Tourists should be able to easily travel from one place to another and Hong Kong Airport has introduced an airport shuttle service and vehicle service. It helps tourists easily reach their hotels without having to worry about directions or helping them reach their destinations.

Hong Kong Airport Transportation Service

For the first time, it is a challenge for first-time visitors to find Hong Kong's fast and vibrant street. Although they are aware of their fate, what kind of streets or how to get there, they can be confused. Here is an airport shuttle service to make things easier. Tourists can avoid ordering them in order to book a ride or try to find a cabin because they are able to book a bus in advance. The shuttle service is in two parts; one pulls the tourists out of the airport and lets them in their hotel and two, then the tourists will pick up their hotels and take them to the airport, including a smooth ride without problems.

Premium transport service is extremely comfortable with leather upholstery and air conditioning. The door-to-door service is not only blessed with tired tourists who can relax in the hotel but are also fully licensed and insured. Another great feature of Hong Kong airport transport service is that if no tourist finds that the service is not satisfactory or not at all, then no questions are asked, then the transport service fee will be paid within seven days!

Booking and transfer service:
• At the time of booking, a confirmation email will be sent to the customer's account. This information includes all important service instructions and also instructions for airport customer service.
• If tourists who have booked their trips before arriving at the airport, they will be welcomed by the customer service teams with whom they will need to log in and receive a service.
• Then the tourists guide the staff to the bus line.
• If the tourists have to pick up their hotels, then the bus takes them to the hotel ahead of schedule.

The Hong Kong airport shuttle service includes the following services for those who book their riding on the Internet:
• Passengers are allowed to share a trip by one or bypass by or near the hotel
• reservation guaranteed premium shuttle
• Available for possible changes including real-time chat and email support
• A team of customer service teams to assist all tourists
• Workers log out and leave
• Workers and drivers also receive benefits

Customers have found Hong Kong's airport transportation service to be very useful and easy to use. The service has received a lot of positive feedback because it is accurate and convenient.

Private Transit Service of Hong Kong Airports

Private Transit Service of Hong Kong Airports offers great luxury to Toyota Alphards for tourists and other passengers. Toyota Alphard is very convenient for luggage passengers, as it has its own baggage. This private Hong Kong International Airport transport takes passengers to the airport and transfers them to their hotel when they relax in the direction of Kowloon or Hong Kong Island. Other vehicles are also offered on an hourly basis.

Private transport service includes:

• Hong Kong Private Arrivals: This service takes customers from the airport to the hotel. The service costs $ 79.

• Hong Kong Private Departure Transfer: For those who want to leave the hotel and flew to the airport, this service is ideal and at a reasonable price of USD 79. One more version from Hong Kong. Private customer service helps customers travel to Kai Tak Airport. This service also costs $ 79.

Other transport services through or through Hong Kong airport include limousine service, private vehicle service, as well as early services and rentals. All of these transmission and vehicle services are designed to offer their passengers extraordinary comfort and all passengers find that these services are extremely convenient and save time. The staff of all these services is committed and often English, helping passengers to communicate better.

Hong Kong is an important center for companies, industries and trading centers, is silly in traffic and the airport is one of those places where there must be good transport and vehicle services. That is precisely the fact that all trips are the best and most reliable.

Traveling and saving: There is no longer a dream to travel

During the air transport once was considered a luxury. But now it's no longer a problem if the number of trips can rise all over the world. In fact, in today's world, air transport has become an essential part of everyone's lives that it is inconceivable to imagine a world without it. And if the plane arrives at the current level, it can only be expected that the unique niches of unused potential will rise as well. That is where the airline travel offers have risen. Indeed, most people today are considering travel-related offers that are readily available on the Internet and elsewhere before you want to book a flight at all.

However, looking at the current economic crisis that the world is undergoing, it is only natural that travel expenses for air travel would also increase. It is most important to consider hidden transactions. First of all, you have to be prepared to make the prices change. Holidays, such as Easter and Christmas, have to generate more air traffic, leading to higher travel costs. Get ready to go to your destination a few days before the deadline to save their bucks. If you are looking for airline travel offers, be prepared for some flexibility.

Airline ticket offers are not limited to the date. If you want to save this valuable money, be ready to ride around. Find flights to suburban airports. Often, many people do not often get it for understandable reasons, and therefore you can usually get great deals for them. Additionally, it may be a good idea to customize your destination if you choose a vacation outside your home country. Opportunity to visit places that other travelers do not usually visit. This not only helps you avoid those annoying crowds, but also gives you a great opportunity to save money that can be used elsewhere.

Be careful about good deals. Bear in mind that we have something called the flying miles program. Most of us would ignore this, but it still remains to the point that some of the best airline travel offers relate to how good your money is. Let's be honest here. Nobody likes to spend anything you can get free. Make all your expenses on the map. Most banks offer good travel-related offers. On the Internet, there are also specific forums that emphasize which routes should be best served by achieving free miles. In fact, it can be seen that people who make these bonus lines spend less often on a long-term basis. It is believed that they may be more costly at first, but if it actually starts to pay you back, these free miles are worth your weight in gold.

Are you a student? Do not drop student discounts. You may not understand this, but the amount of discounts actually provided can be quite high. Another thing to keep in mind when looking for airline deals is a lot of comparison and search engines. In most cases, they do not give a fair view, because almost all of them are related to some airlines. Not only that; quite a few popular even do not include all the international airlines. Select global search engines and compare some to check the lowest price. You never know if you can make an effort.

Finally book early. When booking a ticket early, almost all airlines offer discounts. Remember, "an early bird becomes a worm". Of course, commitment is not an alternative. If you really want to, you can definitely save some serious money during your trips. Bon trip


There are two types of certificates available to the pilot in the initial field. These certificates are called licenses that are amateur or privilege licensed. Although there are many similarities between the two, there are some significant differences. A recreational pilot is generally limited to fifty miles radius at his home airport. Nor can he fly or fly in the air in the night, which requires air traffic control. The benefits of a vacation license include shorter training periods, thirty hours for forty special crew, which means great cost savings. The main reason why the training period has been reduced is that the plane has a flight time and air traffic control communication training is abandoned. It is important to note that this is easily complemented by an entertaining Pilot Private Pilot License and typically excluded from classroom training.

Both licenses have the following minimum requirements:

—- You must be at least 16 years old to fly solo

—- You must have at least 17 personal pilots for your license [19659002] —- You must be able to read, speak and understand English

—- you must have at least a third class medical certificate

there are some other restrictions that must be taken into account when choosing a rest period. You can fly only during the day and then only properly in the weather. You may also not be able to fly more than 10,000 ft, but the FAA usually understands if you have 11,000 foot rides on your path. You also have only one engine with less than 180 horsepower and only up to four seats. Two of these places will remain empty as you will not be allowed more than one passenger.

Although this seems rather restrictive, it's not a bad thing to do with training, and it flies to almost everyone who has a serious interest in learning to do so. In most areas, there is a nearby training school. Training schools have planes of the required size for training or rental after obtaining a certificate. Schools provide all of the pilot supplies and airline suppliers that are also needed.

When a hunter has completed his training, he will occasionally have a short flight. In practice, you need to fly, as well as any other skill, and as long as the pilot has logged at least 400 hours of solo flight, he must let the passengers take three starts and three landings every 90 days.

Flying is an exciting activity and it's not so far away from the average people. This is also a very dangerous activity and the error rate is not so high. Good training is the first and most important step in ensuring the safety of yourself and those who can fly with you. Choosing flight training is important for the availability of airfare and airworthiness, but the good reputation is even better. Make your choice the way your life depends on how to do the right thing.

The importance of a reasonable choice of airport transit service

You have traveled for several months and now you are at home. You landed at the airport and collected your luggage. You are mentally and physically tired and waiting a long while if your driver at the terminal only gets worse for you.

You are looking at your phone to see if the driver's service provider has used missed calls or messages to inform you that an air ticket arrives late at the airport.

Waiting for an hour, you rent a taxi from the airport and retreats home. As soon as you get home, you will be told by the driver that the cabin is waiting at the airport. Such things often happen to people. Therefore, you need to avoid some general mistakes in renting an airport shuttle service.

Mistakes made in renting airport transportation services:

  • Unordered Driving Storage: Pre-ordering a car may not come true. It's not possible to find booths during peak hours and you have no choice but to travel yourself. Do not forget the luggage you need to pull with you.
  • Booking with Unreliable Service Providers: Before undertaking reservations online, try a little bit about the company and then make an informed choice. Make sure you only book your booths with businesses that are known for their professionalism. You do not want any problem in the final part of your trip.

Tips for selecting an airport shuttle service

  • Choose a company you are familiar with. If you do not know any reliable car rental company, check out reviews on the Net.
  • Choose companies with a web-based reservation system to book your trip anytime, anywhere. Before booking your online travel, do not forget to read the feedback from the company's customer.
  • Go with the company using modern technologies such as the right navigation and traffic messaging system.
  • Try to learn about the quality of vehicles by the company. You can also choose vehicles with a variety of luxury features for comfortable driving.
  • Finally, do not forget to check the originals of driving and driving licenses before you sit down at your airport.

Reputable airport shuttle services

Professional managers: only educated and experienced drivers lease prevailing limo buses. Their drivers feel very well on all routes, they also know which routes can be used to avoid traffic jams and bad roads. Travel and traffic are the main problem everyone faces while driving, but these professional drivers will choose the fastest way to get to your destination in a timely manner.

Personalized service: Companies always try to create long-term business relationships with their customers, which is why they offer personalized services. Their drivers are well established and they fly their passengers all over the city with all sorts of courtesy. Customers also help with their luggage.

Avoid mistakes when choosing your limitations to enjoy a safe, stress-free and comfortable ride.

London: nightlife

Some people go on holiday just to relax, others discover new cities, others just want to have fun and are interested in the nightlife of the cities they visit. According to the TripAdvisor queue for the most active nightlife, London is ranked first, Berlin is second, Newcastle & # 39; s third, Dublin – fourth, and fifth place in Amsterdam.

London nightlife is extraordinary, with one of the world's most viable and diverse clubbing players. Clubs like Fabric, the Ministry of Sound and Cargo are one of the biggest and most famous places. Although Londoners are very polite and serious during the day, in the evening they know how to have fun. Regardless of your preferences, London offers a variety of venues.

West End is home to an enormous number of bars, clubs and restaurants, while Soho is one of the most fashionable venues to have a drink. Notting Hill and Portobello Road areas attract so many tourists as before, especially for those who want to have fun with locals. The Camden, Clapham and Brixton areas highlight some fantastic pubs and bars, all with their unique flavors.

Here are the best 10 best clubs in London that you should definitely go to:

1. Kangas
2. Cable
3. Largo
4. Dalston Superstore
5. Corsica Studios
6. Plastics residents
7. The Ministry of Sound
8. Loft
9. The Drop
10. Paramount Bar

Probably the most popular club in London, Fabric, is not only locals in the local community, but also representatives from future London clubs around the world who want to have fun. The club has a worldwide reputation, based on its diverse musicals (Drum & Bass and Dubstep Electronic Music, House, Techno and Progressive) and its great djs.

The entrance fee for these clubs may seem a bit expensive for some people, but the atmosphere here can be comparable to your previous club experience. The entrance fee starts at 3 pounds and can reach up to 20 pounds for the above clubs. Of course, you must be at least 18 years old so you can enter the club. Please note that if you decide on the club you want to go to, you should check whether buses are traveling in the area at night. It saves money from a taxi that is not cheap in London.

Those who are looking for quite places where they can drink and chat should go to one of the many English pubs scattered through the city where they can enjoy an excellent selection of beer, cider or whiskey.

On the other hand, if you prefer a good show, go to the Lyceum Theater or the Queens Theater, where you can enjoy musicals. There are also many avant-garde announcements in the Western End region in which both young and amateur actors play almost everything from classical theater to cabaret. Other non-commercial theaters include the famous National Theater, Royal Shakespeare Company (RCS), Shakespeare's Globe Theater and The Old Vic.

Cultural enthusiasts can enjoy the evenings in Covent Garden while watching a royal opera or royal ballet, while classical music lovers can go to Albert Hall.

Remotely Controlled Airplanes (Part II)

Welcome back to the second part of this series.

1. part include pre-flight and pre-flight checklists. This article focuses on additional information you need to know as a beginner of RC airplanes.

You have a fixed location and your plane and checks are checked why you need to know now?

Resources: Do you know someone already in this hobby that you can call to help you fly? If not and you have not flown before, it is very likely that you need to fix the stuck airplane with glue and tape. Yes, if you have not fallen off, then at some point. Someone who guides you is invaluable. These small aircraft can cost you hundreds of dollars and may not always live. They are, in essence, only small versions of the real thing. Can you control the F-16 with little training? If you do not have an experienced pilot, then go online to see if you can find someone to help you. A good way to network is to ask people if they know someone who has the necessary skills. Another good way is to use the internet to find local flight clubs that you can visit and learn from anyone.

Do not try to fly your plane yet. You will need additional knowledge about the rules and labeling of the groups. Your goal is to find someone who would help you against each other. Most of you who you are hearing would be happy to help you. The greatest impression is that someone can get their advice and knowledge. Remember that they will help you to adapt to your schedules and locations. Offer them time to pay, but usually do not take them; but it expresses the level of sincerity and interest. Remember, they know more than you and the question is not empty, except what you do not ask. If you do what you know, it's all the attitude that seeks to impress them, turn them off and you may not need the help you need. They have answers, you have to find the right questions and have a car.

Part III of the series focuses on landings and landings.

Good luck (skill) to you and hope to follow more on this topic.