Recommended day trip

One can travel to several tourist sites of interest. These places range from historic attractions to boat trips to some of their beautiful islands. The city has some things that give real meaning to everyone. Everyone sees a picture different from the city according to his interests and affordability. Although the city is less explored, but it has many hidden treasures that are worth exploring when you fly Egypt.

Boat trip on the island of Tirana: It's exciting to get to the island of Tirana. This is a clean and clean water site. A trip to this island can take place every season, but during hot summer days it can lead to heat stroke. So the best time to go on a boat trip this afternoon to the African city is from September to April. On the banks of the Nile River there is a beach. People who came to this island traveled to Egypt to do various activities such as picnicking and children who would like to build a sandbox or burrow their hands or feet on the sand.

Egyptian Museum Tour: One Egyptian Egyptian Museum is the main attraction of Egypt and Egypt. The museum was created as part of UNESCO's project for the preservation of rare objects in African culture and history. When traveling to Egypt, you must go to the Nile Avenue in Egypt to visit this museum and view the expanses of African history.

Sultan Hassan Mosque: This is one of the most picturesque Egyptian lands belonging to the Muslims. This is a rather peaceful place that attracts visitors, both in terms of scenic beauty and relaxed atmosphere. Visitors visiting Egypt to cheap Egyptian flights from different countries and from other countries.

El Alamein sights and El Alameine monuments: this is a military area with too many sights and the most prominent is that it is home to the international community club and also to ST Francis & # 39; s school. The cemetery was built to honor WWII soldiers buried here. The entire area is well serviced by guest houses and hotels ranging from cheap tourism to business class hotels. Anyone who takes flights from Egypt to the United Kingdom or from any other destination in the world can easily accommodate their needs and budget

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