Nomex Flight is suitable for people living on the edge

Due to exceptional technological development, Nomex airliners have been upgraded for many decades with weatherproof clothing not only for pilots and airport police, but also for extreme sports practitioners.

Parachutes, paragliding and even parachutes jump into the most popular adventure port. And nobody can enjoy the excitement of slipping if certain conditions are not met. Enthusiasts know that keeping safe is indispensable, which is why today, sports clubs have a global interest in highly protective and especially lightweight Nomex airworthiness.

Advantages of Nomex Travel

Nomex is a material made of nylon fibers that is indispensable for the manufacture of safety equipment and flying gear. It was invented in 1960 by the American Chemical Company DuPont and was launched in 1967.

The advantages of this air traffic should be:

– Excellent durability due to the presence of aromatic scaffolds;

– fire resistance;

– ease of use and perfect fit are suitable without the need to tie parachute wires or a belt;

– protection against UV radiation;

– ability to keep warm in a very high humidity environment.

– Breathable material that prevents overheating of the body by allowing air to circulate.

Nomex overalls and milking kits are often made according to a special order and may take from 1 to 3 weeks. Although most manufacturers have standard colors in a variety of colors, the gear can be tailored specifically to their actions.

The military usually uses green and dust colors for camouflage, but countries with different warplanes have a state

Nomex suits are not a surprise!

Why choose Nomex for the Sky Sports?

They are not fashionable, they are very expensive, but keep you safer!

Cold air and UV radiation in the upper atmosphere are very dangerous. Aircrafts form a barrier between the harsh exterior and the carrier hull

Nomex aircrafts are an excellent choice for many adventure trainers, such as those who want to travel on hot air balloons, slip resistant vests or lids. The multiple pockets of the Nomex kits allow you to immediately deploy various handles at hand, and this practical change changes upwards.

Nomex's gear does not make any statement of fashion; it's just simple, practical and safe.

Civil criticism

Criticism is sometimes formulated against civilians against Nomex's flight of costumes, because they are not worthy of "uniform". However, there are no restrictions or rules restricting the use of defense equipment by military personnel.

In addition to sports adventurers, other categories of civilians suffer from airplane engineers, mechanics, non-military personnel traveling on helicopters, civilian pilots, and so on, without any problem.

Nomex aircrafts are made for non-military use in a variety of colors. Parachuting, slipping, or parachuting jumps that appeal to adrenaline enthusiasts, but everyone should understand the importance of maintaining safety even under extreme conditions.

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