Flying remote controls (one part)

Two main choices are relevant to the subject; the first is "Do you fly alone or with a group of airlines?". If you're driving alone, there are some basic considerations to consider. We will cover flight groups later in separate articles.

When driving alone, you need to keep in mind the following things:

a) Location: If there is a good obstacle course, high voltage lines, or a lot of people, then you are most likely to be safe and good to go. Let's see it a bit further. Obstacles should be thinned and if your skill level is not top notch, it is very likely that you will cause catastrophic damage to your aircraft. A high voltage line that is easily interrupted is a risk because it may interfere with your transmitter, which in turn creates a chance that you will crash. Remember that people have obstacles and the more people are, the greater the chance that you can crash the plane and make possible actions. It's fun to have people watch your flight and many people start flying; but you must be in possession. Once you've just started, make sure you're alone or with trusted friends standing behind you.

(b) Pre-flight check: As pilots flyweight planes complete the pre-flight check list, you must do the same before the flight. The reason is simple; mechanical and electrical equipment has failed. Make sure the transmitter controls are in the neutral position. Example: Dispenser is not at full speed. Then place your plane on the ground and turn on the transmitter and connect the battery to the appropriate airplane. Check the power of your transmitter battery, as weak batteries can drop off your airplane. If your plane is in place, then check the transmitter controls to respond as expected. This applies to three, four, or even six channel controllers. Choose a good runway runway and fly your plane to the train and return without getting enough speed on the track. If everything seems to work as expected, shoot down a bit faster and pull it down and then land again. Do it several times. The things you want to pull out are toward your planes (left or right). Adjust all switching problems with your controller trimmers. If this does not solve the problem, a complicated connection may be required to solve the problem.

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