What is the USPS EPacket Service

In Japan in 2013, USPS will dramatically increase its first-class International Mail prices. In many cases, the international level of delivery of packages is doubled. Although many sellers from Amazon and eBay may seem to be very bad news, there are some good news. USPS officially launches a new international service called Commercial ePacket in the United States.

Commercial ePacket is a USPS product offered by USPS-approved Prequalified Wholesaler (PQW) services. This service seems to be very useful for many shippers who send lightweight low value items abroad. Amazon & eBay sellers now have the convenience of no longer having to process documents and labels required for export to the United States. The USPS PQW you choose will take care of all the necessary documents. In addition, all eRetailers can track these packages with USPS.com for 14 participating countries.

Some key features of the commercial ePacket service are:

  • Sustainable e-commerce postal service with tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Lightweight low value goods <2 Kilos & <400 $ value
  • Sent in business packages and use the overseas foreign postal network.
  • Transit time is 4-7 days
  • Postal customs clearance (customs duties and taxes payable by the recipient)
  • Free shipments can not be received
  • Tracking is done correctly by USPS.com
  • 14 Participating countries: Canada, Australia , Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Sweden, Spain. Ireland, Finland, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
  • In all countries, performance quality rates are 90% on average in all countries.
  • Pricing, approved by USPS for PQW.
  • Induction Places in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles [19659005] USPS and scanning of delivery by external mail
  • Unique tag and barcode ID-LX prefix prefix
  • Electronic publication, marking and the only ones published by a first-time qualified wholesaler Bags

How does ePacket work?

Customers should contact their USPS PQW area and talk to anyone about how they can get started. Ideally, you would like to choose PQW with posting capabilities in all three reception centers. This is extremely important at a time when an apparent and natural disaster occurs. Using PQW with multiple facilities located on all three reception devices ensures that your mail can be redirected to another reception center when it is closed or when the flight is not issued as we saw during Hurricane Sandy.

PQW walks you with labels and data collection features. When all the data collection functions are working, you can either send your shipments or PQW will ship the vehicle to its location. Every day, you must send a post which you can send and send a manifest containing all the customs information for each package in electronic form.

When your packages reach the PQW, PQW confirms that you have received this electronic manifest in the day shipment. If PQW does not receive your manifest, they can not do their e-mail through a commercial e-shop service. Upon receipt of the manifest, the electronic information is downloaded to the USPS system and all labels and necessary customs documents are generated. The packaging is then properly labeled and released from the country of destination and delivered to the USPS designated International Service Center (ISC).

After the adoption of the USPS ISC, bags are opened and all packages are scanned as evidence and posted to the country of destination for the next available outbound flight. After the flight, a customs declaration is received through the postmark customs procedure. This ensures that your packages move quickly through the clearing process and are not affected by the usual delays generated by the conventional air clearance system.

After entering the clearing, the packages will be placed on the PRIME network and they will receive a country of special purpose. Customers waiting to receive their packages can be sure they will see tracking information directly on the USPS website. This one feature should eliminate many customer service calls that many Amazon and eBay vendors receive from their customers every day.

When packages are made through this destination's mail system, the package is scanned by the mail provider once it is delivered. This scan event is then downloaded to the USPS site and is available to anyone wishing to track the progress of each shipment.

Based on my initial findings, this service seems to be a great offer for companies that carry 100 or more packages per day. However, some customers who carry less than 100 packs a day can also use this service if they decide to consolidate orders one to two days before shipment. Obviously, each customer has its own personal qualities that can affect it if a service like Commercial ePacket becomes useful. However, depending on how far away you are from JFK Airport, O'Hare International Airport or Los Angeles International Airport, it may be worthwhile to use the service every day, even if you have fewer than 100 packages a day. With regard to the specifics of the service, I would today adopt the PQW approved by the USPS.

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