Charter pride

This all started with a walk to protest against Stonewall rebellions in 1970. Today it is one of the largest Pride Festival countries, if not the whole world. What is this? It's the Chicago Pride Festival, and it's held annually in June last weekend. Although there are events throughout the year, the festival is a two-day event that ends with a huge parade through the Halsted Strip. You might think that you've seen a great victory before, but when you measure hundreds of thousands of thousands, you just have to rethink. There are so many people involved in this parade that, of course, throughout this history, it is necessary to change several times in order to fit everything correctly. This is a parade!

Of course, there are other Pride events in other cities, but if you want to reach the biggest and season, but do not live near Chicago, what do you do? Well, you can fly for commercial purposes and sit in long wait at the airport, undergo a rigorous security screening, and then stumble over the crowded jet. Or, you can make shine from the beginning to the end of the weekend and harrow the jet.

Now I know what you mean: "It's too expensive!" but you might be surprised if there's any fluttering line. And you mean perks. You can leave if you want, not when the airline says. You know that your luggage arrives with you because you do not leave this airline alien, and it is best to have a comfortable flight, a lot of hands, shoulders, legs and feet. You can even configure the cabin if you want by placing chairs in the rows or in chat groups.

Food and, of course, lavatories on board are the norm and there is also a lot of flight entertainment. You have your own pilot and you can go to a smaller airport closer than a commercial flight.

So when you go to Chicago Pride and you want to take music, then the exhibits, food, drink, parade, and Pride fun that you are looking forward to? See this waterfall as soon as possible! By the way, there is no Chicago Pride Chicago presence, but the atmosphere is invaluable!

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