How to get your fear screwed

The first thing to understand is that fear or anxiety is always the event of the future . In other words, it's part of your imagination, so that's not quite right. But it definitely feels really and affects you as seriously as your hearts and your adrenaline pumping. So you treat the flight of fear, treating imagination.

You have a lucid imagination and it can easily escape the picture The engine exploded, the takeover of the terrorists, the wing falls, a strike with an asteroid shower occurred in the salon; a pilot may be drunk or have a heart attack, etc. Many things can go wrong!

Then your rational mind will come to remind you that the probability of such things is much higher than taking the dollar into a zillion. And you've heard many times driving safer than riding a car. Then your imagination returns: people hit the lottery and accidents happen and people hit the lights – and I'm 30,000 feet without a parachute!

Einstein said that imagination is the most powerful thing in the universe . You have a voluntary choice to use it good or sick, negative or positive. If you want to use your negative things, you can become a scare writer like Stephen King and earn a lot of money. Or, if you want, you can use it for positive things like – not just relaxing and enjoying every airplane, but expecting this inconsistent prevention child to go to Disneyland. It's all in your mind and everything is controllable. How do you control it?

You will check how the director controls his performance or how the military maneuver is being driven – you plan, practice it, train it. You plan it over and over again until it remembers the muscles and you can do it without the intervention of minds. This is caution – action without the intervention of thoughts. So you do not have a truly scary problem; you have unknown fear. The real rehearsing on your journey makes it perfectly known.

Deep relaxation is required for proper testing . Deep physical and mental relaxation enables your visualization to be more effectively internalized and assimilated in your subconscious mind so that you can then work on autopilot – without baldness. Otherwise, you will not be trapped in training, but simply going to one ear and another.

Here is the basic method of self hypnosis : sit in a comfortable, direct cradle or bed, take three very deep breaths. Now scan your body with your toe to relieve all tension. Simply focus on each muscle group in turn and say it's hard and relaxed. Say your facial muscles, eye lids and jaw hard and relaxed. Tell your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen, toes, buttocks, legs and legs to make it difficult and relaxed.

Now relax your mind carefully and vigorously observing your breathing in and out. If you are disturbing thoughts, get back to your breathing again and again – until your mind is quite quiet and still.

Now I think you watch on the big screen of movies on your day of flight. See yourself at home when you're ready to go to the airport – so relaxed as you are now. Be sure to pack a carry case and check in to the bag individually. Look yourself, take two bags into the car and place them properly in the trunk. You get in the car and start driving at the airport, noticing how relaxing and calm you feel. You are delighted that all the details of this trip are taken care of this point.

Now you take off your carrier's exit gate out of your car and open the trunk. The satellite takes your bags and you go to the parking lot and find a fairly comfortable room. Go peacefully back to the terminal and wait in the box office with a short line. You noticed how perfectly relaxed and patient. A smiling item will put your tickets on hold and drive towards the entrance gate. You can see and stop in the kiosk and see the set of novels. The home war novel pops in and you bought it to fly.

Your mind is completely calm and clear when you enter and stop security checks. You will receive your ticket to the sender who stumbles and gives you your location. You are sitting in the waiting room and throwing through the book. Your flight is called and you stand with other travelers – it still seems to be deeply relaxed and without thinking, except how fun this novel is and this flight will be. You watch yourself enter the airplane and make your place feel completely calm and relaxed. You sit down, fasten your seat belt and return to the novel – almost noticed a smooth and powerful take off.

A hero endangers his life with a concealed enemy soldier in a family winery. You have an eye for a moment, if you have the courage to do such a risky thing. If a bit of turbulence disturbs you, you can just breathe deeply and pay attention to reading. Complete the re-reading to taste a nice Parmesan's meal with Chiants glass.

You can see that it has been introduced itself at this moment now feel more relaxed and relaxed than you ever knew. You look out the window to see how beautifully you can see the elevation view. Before you realize that the plane is landing and riding in Paris without ramps – and you almost feel sorry, the flight will end so soon.

The flight is over and you can carefully turn back to normal . If you want, you can re-play your trip and play again until you're completely clear about how things change. You learn to live in reality instead of mentality – lives instead of today's security instead of the future of anxiety.

Bon trip!

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