European holidays – trip to everyone

Geographically, Europe can definitely feel far away from home, especially if you live in the ocean as I do. Americans have somewhat better chance of visiting Europe when we are doing about the relative proximity of continental Europe, but we are hearing the phrase "the world is falling" and it is certain that the opportunities for air travel will become more accessible.

Days have long since gone where you have to depend on one carrier to take you from one place to another. It seems that global partnerships have eased all these problems and pushed the computer to the Internet in exciting worlds, we can book a dream trip without having to go for hot coffee offered by our travel agents, making our best and most convenient way.

I think it is right to say that originally the United Kingdom does not leave the European holiday, or some of its neighbors and friends, a secret. For me, the holiday in Europe was two weeks later in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and others.

This does not change the fact that after two weeks the sun was still a very attractive offer after the year of saving, and the length of the English winter and the narrow weather. It was really something to wait.

My outlook has changed somewhat, which I must admit. My last trip to Europe brought a stopover in Germany, where an excellent five-day trip to Bavaria and a return trip to northern Germany and Frankfurt to United Kingdom took place on Saturday morning. After a couple of weeks, catching up with the "Old Town" relatives followed weekly in Ireland, my mother's birthplace.

Other people could design more exotic designs for European holidays. Rome and Paris I think it should be the most popular destination in the mainland of Europe. Not surprisingly, since both these beautiful cities have so much to offer. You can say that you can spend two weeks on each one and not see everything in the tourist brochures.

My next European holiday in the form of days of the same size is 26 capitals. Hectic it may sound, but if there is one thing to say about a European bus ride, your only requirements are to get a good night's sleep, do not be too cute to listen to the guide information and make sure you use the best landscapes that Europe can offer – oh and a good pair of football packs!

The magic of European vacation will never be lost, no matter where you live now. However, if the truth is known, it's not just Europe. We all know that many places in the world have the same beauty – if we only see them all!

Airline Budget Airlines in South Africa

Cheap airline tickets have opened a whole new philosophy and journey. It was possible in the second half of the century that short distances could be made, while prices were comparable to reaching the bus or train destination. Due to the growth in budget airlines, competition between air travel companies increased and prices continued to rise. This was especially true in Europe, where the business pointed out that many people would need to travel regularly between continental countries. The final conclusions were soon inspired by cheaper airline tickets, and the popular routes of the holidaymakers provided the full benefit of numerous air carriers, whose policy of "no-chipping" surprised many industry experts to some extent with their levels of success.

Under no circumstances was this flying revolution limited to European countries. A similar model in North America has proven to be very successful. Again, there are a number of airlines offering passengers who do not charge high prices for tickets. In return, flyers are offered for their excellent holiday and airplanes that do not include extra charges. Therefore, travelers can not enjoy additional drinks and food. But it has turned out to be a victim of large numbers of passengers being offered every year to be sacrificed. After all, there is nothing to stop if people buy food at the airport and eat it at a time. It turns out to be much more economical than flying with a traditional airline ticket, which offers a ticket for food but is much more expensive.

The proliferation of budget airlines continues, and they are, for example, very popular in China, where people have to travel great distances to reach different provinces. Frequently flying saves time or even during a day trip. The arrival of affordable airline tickets has been very welcome and allows you to move freely and efficiently without dramatic costs.

Emerging markets, such as the African countries, have also begun to address. Cheap air travel is, for example, in and around East Africa, for example, several companies are launching services aimed at reducing the cost of African flights. But perhaps it is not surprising that the regional economic power, South Africa, is the country that is the leader in top-ranking budget airlines. Several airlines compete for the public interest and there are regular flights connecting South African cities to each other and to other cities in the South African region. Therefore, it's very easy to buy cheap flights in South Africa now, whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein or Pretoria.

How to make a ultra-light backpack

There are many different ways to travel today. There are common flights in aviation, or if you are not far from the budget or distance, you can choose between a bus or a car. For this article, however, we must focus on another way of traveling, namely backpacking. As the name implies, traveling back in a backpack travels over long distances.

The good thing is that you can definitely save money, you can take more time to just enjoy the nature of this country, there's no speed at all, and you get a good workout at the same time. In sleeping places, you can either tent or sleep on a budget hotel (if necessary). We provide only a few points on how to do this, and hopefully it will give you a good idea of ​​what it's like.

First, if you pack your bag, do not pack too much, but do not pack too much. Because you are driving long distances, it's best to keep it easier, otherwise you will become light. There is a so-called ultra light backpacking pullback method, and although I do not address this in detail, it basically helps to reduce the unnecessary weight in the package to reflect more distances.

Secondly, it is always advisable to know your map and surrounding areas before traveling / hiking. Get a great book store recently and check out Google Maps for the sake of accuracy. The last thing you want to do is disappear, especially if you go along the desert.

Finally, the popular rule is that backpackers are and is important for "how" backpacking. "Do not miss" means that whenever you go backpacking, always try to leave the natural environment so that others can enjoy it after all.

In conclusion, backpacks are actually a fun and relaxing activity. This is a good way to break the effort and the romance of the rumble, and just relax and enjoy the nature as it should be enjoyed. I liked this article in the backpack "how" to give you an overview, although it is quite small in the backpacking world and that it motivates you to go on your backpacking trip!

There are no more terrible landings in Hong Kong

After the opening of its fanfarers in 1925, until its closure almost 45 years later on 6 July 1998, Kai Tak was Hong Kong's main airport, which provided passengers with great pleasure to air passengers arriving to or departing from the British British colony.

But the aircraft, which narrated almost all its length to Victoria Harbor, on the northern hills and on three sides of high-rise buildings, was always difficult for airplanes. For some flights, competitors and masonry conditions were often used for scary landing!

An airport with only one trajectory, designed and built in the era of lesser propeller aircraft, began fighting since the boat, especially after the Boeing 747 was introduced, and when Airbus started its two-story A380 super aircraft, the recording was on the Kai-Tak wall.

After Hong Kong's return to China, when the UK colony rental was up, the new masters decided to build an artificially built island further along the coast, but one is a much simpler approach than Kai Tak.

This was not a complicated approach to pilots who eventually forced the transfer of Hong Kong airport, but rather the need to increase their capacity and ability to handle more traffic and bigger jet games. Hong Kong is also the world's largest cargo handling airport, and is a prominent center for entry to China, in addition to the fifth largest passenger airport in the world. When the Taki old airport simply could not solve the expected traffic in the location of such a strategic site in the South-East Asian trade.

Currently, all flights to Hong Kong International Airport Chep Lak Kok, which, nine years after its opening, added another terminal building in 2007. With two runs, the airport can reach nearly 50 million passengers per year, and 85 different airlines use this flight to reach 150 destinations worldwide.

Hong Kong International Airport is located 18 kilometers west of this obsolete predecessor, designed and built for the 21st Century, which is designed and built superbly, but operators do not stop at the laurel. Reconstruction and refinement plans have already begun and changes to the exit layouts & # 39; Immigration halls, as well as structural improvements and taxes to cope with ever-increasing traffic. The construction of the third track has even spoken about the fact that the airport will firmly cement this place with a train in the southern China.

Four reasons why airport transportation in New York needs to be taken

In the United States, with the exception of New York, there are few places where the airport is in great trouble. Traffic and public transport both tend to move smoothly, but in New York, with your seat belts and constant congestion, there's essentially no reliable mode of transport when you need to fly.

As a result, helicopter companies often provide airport shuttle services to Big Air flights. If you are considering this opportunity, then why use the airport shuttle service in New York?

Other transit is too much Gamble

The arrival time of flights from JFK or LaGuardia airport on time can be a great playful game. The take-off of the New York City Cabin is a risk that there must always be traffic in Midtown and motorways; Another problem is that the cabs can be expensive and the time spent on the back of the cabin is usually wasted.

The last unpleasant opportunity to reach New York City and its nearby airports is by public transport; buses, metro and even vans are often late, unreliable and filled with people who are not in the best interest of the customers.

No parking needs

Another bad option is to go to the airport; In this connection, there is again a traffic hazard, long lines in the parking lot, and then a reimbursement of expenses related to leaving the car in the garage for a long period of time. If you leave a batch of your car at an airport, there is always the possibility of theft and / or damage.

A shorter travel time

The right way to get to the airport cost-effectively is the best way to use one helicopter in a central helicopter; Trips in the heart of Manhattan from some of the three airports will take less than thirty minutes and on Friday there will be few views.


Airport transfers through a professionally owned and operated helicopter are ideal for a quick trip to Hampton, local airports, and even from afternoon until the Atlantic City. When it comes to New York airport arrivals, it's not just a better service. With a helicopter, customers keep track of traffic, reach their gates on time and even enjoy what is usually quite cumbersome, but which is part of the journey.

South African Airways

South African Airways (SAA) is South Africa's largest domestic and foreign airline. Its headquarters are located in Airways Park, located at OR Tambo International Airport. The company employs 37 destinations worldwide and owns centers in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Prior to South African Airways, the South African Government was a member of Union Airways and was given the current name in 1934. The growth of the company was relatively slow, which is largely influenced by World War II. However, SAA achieved its long-term goal in 1945; route to Europe.

1950. The Boeing 707 was launched in the years to come, followed by several more recent "power generation" models. Further progress has been made on a regular basis until the 1970s, even though the airline has been steadily increasing; the effects of apartheid on the international status of the airline. The 1988 United States General Apartheid Act prohibited all flights operated by South African airlines, including SAA. In 1987, SAA services in Perth and Sydney stopped thanks to the Australian opposition to apartheid.

In the past few years, the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) has launched a restructuring aimed at ensuring that all employees comply with the applicable international standards

. The SAA will fly five domestic destinations and 32 international destinations in 26 countries, and British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines , Emirates, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways and United Airlines – there are only nine airlines flying to all six populated continents.

History of Eastern Airlines

After being considered one of the four major US airlines with America, Delta and United, it was innovative and very successful, becoming the world's second-largest airline in the history of six decades. [19659002] Originating from Pitcairn Aviation, which was formed on September 15, 1927, he opened air mail service at Brunswick, New Jersey and Atlanta with an open cell PA-5 Mailwings.

But North American aviation, a holding company of several new entrants and aircraft manufacturers, purchased a company after a year and changed its name to the air transport industry, launched the Ford 4-AT Trimotors passenger service through New York's multi-level hop of Washington through Camden, Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond 18 In August 1930, Curtissi's acquisition of Condor enabled him to expand the route to Atlanta.

After being swallowed by Ludington Air Lines three years later, he was able to add a triplet to New York-Philadelphia-Washington for this system.

Growth in the Eastern world, as well as many other airlines, was further impacted by the Air Mail Act of 1934, which included private postal postal contracts for private companies, while the US Post Office chose the supply that they submitted with other competitors on the basis of their offerings. Although it led to the formation of airlines to choose airline flights, it also wanted to equally require the acquisition of joint ownership.

Limiting the subsequent restrictions to his "Spoil" conference, "General Postmaster Walter Folger Brown," "Eastern Air Transport" changed its name in the year 1934, as it would know in its history, "Eastern Air Lines".

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Ace, World War I Ace, who won the winning medal of the Congress, bought $ 800,000 from the North American Airline and took over by implementing the Aircraft Modernization Program.

In the soon-to-start construction of large silver vessels, he quickly replaced the slow Curtiss Condor's bi-block with all of the metal on Douglas DC-2, one of which was the first to land at the New York airport in Washington in 1941. Leaving its publication outside the East Caribbean region, Ida-Viru County went to the wider salon of the New York-Miami sector in 1937, with the 21st passport DC-3.

Like many US airlines, whose growth was cut short by the need for it, the military requisition of military aircraft began its military service in eastern 1942, combining the three states of Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas, expanding its wings to Trinidad in the Caribbean, and eventually forming a Miami-based military for the transport department for which he acquired the Curtiss C-46 Commandosi.

The pioneer of the seed, a tri-city's ferry bus, lasted two years later, when the Civil Aviation Administration (CAB) handed over to him the New York-Boston route across America. [19659002] The technological advances of the 1950s, expressed in terms of payload, speed, comfort and safety, arose so quickly that it was already on the drawing board at the time of airplane production

Quaden The fishing vessel DC-4 soon completed its 39 double- Motor DC-3 and its network now includes Detroit, St. Louis & Puerto Rico San Juan.

The Lockheed L-649 Constellation, which was launched in 1947, gave the L-1049 Super Constellation, with its signature on the New York-Miami Route since December 17, 1951, with a higher power. Martin 4-0-4s replaced DC-3 and the first DC in the middle of the decade

The acquisition of Colonial Airlines gave it access to New York State, New England, Canada, Bermuda, and Mexico.

The Projet got a four-engine Lockheed L-188 Electra, which was unveiled on January 12, 1959, between New York and Miami, and only four years later, with Douglas DC-8, powered by pure four-engined engines, the Boeing was soon supplemented with a lower-speed cruiser 720

East was the first of the four largest US airlines to use 727-100 tri-jet Whisperliner, specifically the Philadelphia-Washington-Miami ride and twin-jet DC-9-10.

The famous airline of the New York-Boston-Washington Times was on April 30, 1961, with L-188 Electra, for which he recommended: "No need to book. Just" show and go. "All sections are equipped with aircrafts that provide seats for everyone. who are waiting for the scheduled time of departure. "

One-way working days prices were Boston's $ 69.00 and Washington $ 42.00, while weekend travel prices for adults were $ 55.00 and children at 37. 00. a. for children. .

The buses finally worked on DC-9-30, 727-200 and A-300 aircraft.

1960. At the end of the year, the shores of the East Coast were already demolished, expanded to Seattle and Los Angeles on the West Coast, Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas, acquiring Mackey Airways and several Caribbean islands Buy Caribair.

Captain Eddie Rickenbacker dropped the tower over to another well-known space gurney. Colonel Frank Borman, who was twice a year in 1966 on Gemini VII and Apollo VIII two months later.

Istana entered Lockheed L-1011-1 in 1972 with the TriStar hull, which became the first US carrier to designate the European Airbus Industrie A-300 in 1978 when it commissioned 23 and was the launching customer for Boeing 757-200.

After the acquisition of Branch International Latin American lines in 1982 and the construction of the San Juan train, it became the world's second largest carrier of annual passengers after Aeroflot, based in New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami and San Juan, and give their "Everyday Wings Every Day" a slogan.

Although it may have earned its wings, it did not necessarily earn a profit to support their lifting. The purchase of air pollution caused by enlargement and labor disputes demanded $ 615 million from Texas Air Holdings, which also belonged to Continental in 1986, and East received carcass feeds. Airplanes were sold. Employees were redundant. The assets went to Continental. And his image deteriorated rapidly, especially when it reduced costs for practically air travel.

Bankruptcy declaration in 1989 and decommissioning two years later, on January 19 there was a one-time deregulation of the "human wing" after six decades.

Florida holidays – where to go and what to see

Florida, also known as The Sunshine State, is called to its clear sky and warmth, sparkling the climate throughout the year. And one of Sunshine's top destinations is Orlando's city. Orlando has decades of international tourism that offers many sights and things.

Orlando hotels range from first class and deluxe accommodation to a budget-friendly two star hotel, conveniently located near major city attractions. If your destination is Disney World, you can choose from the Orlando hotels in the park and enjoy special discounts at Disney's Park entrance. In addition, you can choose between the surrounding Orlando area hotels, many of which offer free shuttle service to and from Disney World.

Orlando is located in the central part of the country, so that Florida's first trips could take some of the country's pristine beaches for some time. Try an international flight to a seaside resort such as Miami, about two hours from Greater Orlando. Miami hotels offer plenty of room with sea views or affordable accommodation within walking distance of the beach.

Disney World and Epcot Center are the main attractions for millions of visitors who make Orlando every year. Tickets can be purchased at the main entrance for one day or, if you wish, you can pick a multi-day passport.

In addition to Disney attractions, Orlando offers interesting places to explore. For a dinner party and an adventurous evening feast, try the Medieval Times for hearty food and interactive entertainment. The exhibition is in the knight's knight's knit rifle in an English-style castle with an exciting splendid performance. Watch gambling and skilled horseback riding if you can enjoy your four-course meal in the evening. Medieval times are opened every day and strongly recommended reservations.

And when you need to find this perfect souvenir, Orlando shopping paradise with many outlets to serve you. Get up to you at Orlando Premium Outlets & # 39; get the best deals and savings up to 75% off retail. This 8200 Vineland Ave has over 150 stores in this mega mall with international brands, including Armani, Barney New York, Fendi, Nike and more.

Another one of the most popular best deals is Lake Buena Vista Factory shops, located just minutes from Walt Disney World 15657 S. Apopka Vinland Road. This favorite store on Disney is available at a huge discounted price and a children's play area. Orlando hotels can arrange free shuttle service from 9:00 on weekdays.

You can reserve your Orlando holidays by using a pre-planned route or local hotels. The length of stay in this overwhelming city should be at least five nights to enjoy everything Disney has made and taken to Orlando's sophisticated restaurants and nightlife sights, sounds and tastes.

Checking last minute before driving to the airport

Your holidays are exciting and stressed in equal parts. Of course, it's a great feeling that you are on holiday to go out of it, to complete your darkness and see somewhere new, but at the same time there is a tight knack for how much money you have spent, worrying about things are going wrong and they have a strict deadline which certainly can not be lost.

This is crucial to make sure you are ready for this trip and that you have taken into account everything that might go wrong if you want to avoid losing money or additional stress. Here's a look at some of the recent checks before getting your holidays.

Your car

When traveling to the airport, it is important that your car suit you and all of you have a working order. It's possible that it is a medium-range journey, so make sure your tires are inflated to have enough fuel, oil and water. You should also be offering some things in the car to help you get out of the box when you finally arrive. For example, you should always have a first aid kit and take supplies and tools that you can improve your car or make life more comfortable when you get to the road.


Road to the airport is also quite important to prevent the loss of aging. Make sure you know the best route and keep up to date with traffic monitoring. If you are worried about reaching your destination, investing in a landline phone can help a lot to rest your mind and avoid potential problems. If you do not have navigation, the Navigator can first help with a printed map to help ensure that you do not make a wrong turn.


You should also be parked when you arrive at the airport when you drive. Make sure it's booked in advance, but also how you know how it is. This is not good, knowing where the airport is trying to find where to park the park.


Before checking in, check your flight time and the terminal where you must be. You can verify this with your flight number, but it is important because this information may change. You have to do this a bit before you leave, of course, because waiting may mean that it's too late for you to get there for a new time.

Your files and documents

You need to usually show multiple e-tickets, confirmation emails and documents necessary for identification (as well as a lot of cash and / or traveler's checks, of course) to rest without holidays. If you do not have it, it can cause severe stress if you are out of the box so that at the last minute all the important controls are in place.

How to get your fear screwed

The first thing to understand is that fear or anxiety is always the event of the future . In other words, it's part of your imagination, so that's not quite right. But it definitely feels really and affects you as seriously as your hearts and your adrenaline pumping. So you treat the flight of fear, treating imagination.

You have a lucid imagination and it can easily escape the picture The engine exploded, the takeover of the terrorists, the wing falls, a strike with an asteroid shower occurred in the salon; a pilot may be drunk or have a heart attack, etc. Many things can go wrong!

Then your rational mind will come to remind you that the probability of such things is much higher than taking the dollar into a zillion. And you've heard many times driving safer than riding a car. Then your imagination returns: people hit the lottery and accidents happen and people hit the lights – and I'm 30,000 feet without a parachute!

Einstein said that imagination is the most powerful thing in the universe . You have a voluntary choice to use it good or sick, negative or positive. If you want to use your negative things, you can become a scare writer like Stephen King and earn a lot of money. Or, if you want, you can use it for positive things like – not just relaxing and enjoying every airplane, but expecting this inconsistent prevention child to go to Disneyland. It's all in your mind and everything is controllable. How do you control it?

You will check how the director controls his performance or how the military maneuver is being driven – you plan, practice it, train it. You plan it over and over again until it remembers the muscles and you can do it without the intervention of minds. This is caution – action without the intervention of thoughts. So you do not have a truly scary problem; you have unknown fear. The real rehearsing on your journey makes it perfectly known.

Deep relaxation is required for proper testing . Deep physical and mental relaxation enables your visualization to be more effectively internalized and assimilated in your subconscious mind so that you can then work on autopilot – without baldness. Otherwise, you will not be trapped in training, but simply going to one ear and another.

Here is the basic method of self hypnosis : sit in a comfortable, direct cradle or bed, take three very deep breaths. Now scan your body with your toe to relieve all tension. Simply focus on each muscle group in turn and say it's hard and relaxed. Say your facial muscles, eye lids and jaw hard and relaxed. Tell your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, fingers, chest, abdomen, toes, buttocks, legs and legs to make it difficult and relaxed.

Now relax your mind carefully and vigorously observing your breathing in and out. If you are disturbing thoughts, get back to your breathing again and again – until your mind is quite quiet and still.

Now I think you watch on the big screen of movies on your day of flight. See yourself at home when you're ready to go to the airport – so relaxed as you are now. Be sure to pack a carry case and check in to the bag individually. Look yourself, take two bags into the car and place them properly in the trunk. You get in the car and start driving at the airport, noticing how relaxing and calm you feel. You are delighted that all the details of this trip are taken care of this point.

Now you take off your carrier's exit gate out of your car and open the trunk. The satellite takes your bags and you go to the parking lot and find a fairly comfortable room. Go peacefully back to the terminal and wait in the box office with a short line. You noticed how perfectly relaxed and patient. A smiling item will put your tickets on hold and drive towards the entrance gate. You can see and stop in the kiosk and see the set of novels. The home war novel pops in and you bought it to fly.

Your mind is completely calm and clear when you enter and stop security checks. You will receive your ticket to the sender who stumbles and gives you your location. You are sitting in the waiting room and throwing through the book. Your flight is called and you stand with other travelers – it still seems to be deeply relaxed and without thinking, except how fun this novel is and this flight will be. You watch yourself enter the airplane and make your place feel completely calm and relaxed. You sit down, fasten your seat belt and return to the novel – almost noticed a smooth and powerful take off.

A hero endangers his life with a concealed enemy soldier in a family winery. You have an eye for a moment, if you have the courage to do such a risky thing. If a bit of turbulence disturbs you, you can just breathe deeply and pay attention to reading. Complete the re-reading to taste a nice Parmesan's meal with Chiants glass.

You can see that it has been introduced itself at this moment now feel more relaxed and relaxed than you ever knew. You look out the window to see how beautifully you can see the elevation view. Before you realize that the plane is landing and riding in Paris without ramps – and you almost feel sorry, the flight will end so soon.

The flight is over and you can carefully turn back to normal . If you want, you can re-play your trip and play again until you're completely clear about how things change. You learn to live in reality instead of mentality – lives instead of today's security instead of the future of anxiety.

Bon trip!